Dads are wonderful beings aren’t they.

We don’t need a special day to tell our Dads how amazing they are because we are grateful for them always. But seeing as its Father’s Day we decided to share some fun stories about our Dad’s.


My Dad has always been the rock of our family. He is kind and loving and he believes in me, and that is extremely important. However, my Dad has had some great fun over the years, taking advantage of my gullible nature…

I suppose I was an inquisitive kid, so I don’t really blame him. But the day I asked him ‘Where do Magpies come from’ Dad answered ‘Crows and Seagulls mated’ simple and blunt as that. Needless to say I went through a good portion of my adult life believing that.

When I was young he had a shoulder reconstruction. He has always told me that his large scar was from a shark fight. Obviously I also believed this. I think I was about 24 when I made reference to his ‘Shark bite’ when he said, ‘What on the Earth are you talking about, Carly, I had a shoulder reconstruction.’ I know I’m gullible but something inside me will always believe my Dad, even though my better judgement tells me not to.

Carly Dad


Dad and I are extremely similar. We have the same sense of humour, and a very similar view of the world. My Dad’s mantra is; ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. Like us, his mantra is plastered all over the house. My Dad is the cool, calm, collected guy. I always was so proud Carly Famwhen he came to pick me up from school. When I first started teaching, it was at a school just 10 minutes from my parents’ house. My Dad’s an avid surfer and so when he was sharing waves with ‘grommets’ (students from my school) it gave me enormous street cred.

The most amazing thing about Dad and my relationship is the laughs. We love a good ‘Dad joke’, and we both believe nothing is funnier than a fart. I grew up with the old ‘Pull my finger’ gag and it really never gets old. My Dad’s jokes are colourful, to say the least and we both share the inability to remember the joke properly, and always stuff it up before the punch line.


My Dad has been there for me through thick and thin. When we’ve had tough times he’s always been the one sending me Buddha quotes, or cute pictures of baby animals to shift my focus. He truly is an exceptional man, and I will never be able to show the gratitude and love I feel for him in words.


My Dad is a character. He is personality plus. Always the life of the party. When I was growing up Dad was an avid footballer. We are a big football family. Every year the football club put on a ‘Gong Show’ kind of like ‘Red Faces’ on ‘Hey Hey its Saturday’. One of Dad’s favourite characters to play with his best friend was ‘Horrible and Cream’ (Torvill and Dean). Dressed in tutus, wigs and roller-skates they’d skate around on the dance floor, but the hilarious thing was, neither of them could skate. I am still surprised to this day, that neither of them broke a

My Dad taught me to play football. I was the first girl to play Rugby League in Newcastle and my Dad taught me how to play half-back. He was an outstanding half-back so I learnt from the best. He was always so proud of me, playing football and running on with a team of boys from 6 years old.

He taught me to ride dirt bikes and growing up in Clarence Town it was always such a fun time riding around the property like a speed demon!

Dad and Mallee (Niece)

Dad and Mallee (Niece)



On this day we wanted to share with you all the love and gratitude we have for our Dad’s. Share a funny story of your own, or maybe even a ‘Dad Joke’.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, big love to you all.

“By Carly and Tresne”











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