Run Newcastle 2014 is a fun event like no other, where people can run, walk or roll the streets of their town while raising money for a local health-related project. With 100% of every registration fee going straight to the cause, in Newcastle’s case it was for the John Hunter Hospital Adolescent Ward. Since we are already doing the 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge through i’MFIT  this was a great opportunity to help a great cause and use our Heart Rate Monitors to track our calories and time for the event.

With 3,279 people registered for either a 6km run or walk or a 12km run, the day raised over $140,000 for John Hunter.

We ran for an amazing, young, inspirational girl named Becky.

We met Becky back in March, under the Starlight Make A Wish Foundation. Becky was diagnosed with cancer in April 2012, when a six-by-three-centimetre peripheral nerve sheath tumour was found in her neck as well as a second tumour on her brain. She had since undergone two operations, but doctors had said that the tumour was too aggressive to operate on any further. Her family were left devastated after news that the 12-year-old only had only weeks to live.

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As part of Becky’s ‘Wish’  we were invited for a cupcake decorating party in the ‘Starlight Room’ in John Hunter Hospital. Originally the request was for Manu to attend, but with his extremely busy schedule he was unable to make it. He did, however, send a beautiful video message which we watched in a media room with Becky. Her eyes lit up as Manu gave his apologies for being unable to make it and sent his love.

We decorated cupcakes, dressed up in silly outfits and took photos with funny faces! It was from that day we knew we wanted to stay in touch with Becky and be there for her with as many hugs and support we could give.


We would visit Becky as much as we could, we’d take her bits little presents like loom bands, which she loved and had a gift for making! We still have the loom bands she made us close by, they remind us of her and her strength. We also took her in her favourite food, KFC. Unfortunately Becky had started to lose her appetite with all the medication that she was on to help with the pain. Becky had taken a liking to one of Carly’s red polka dot cardigans that she’d worn on My Kitchen Rules, so next visit, it was then Becky’s. We later learnt that this is one of the things Becky would be laid to rest with, bless her soul.

Becky had her own ‘family room’ where her Mum, Debbie, would stay by her side day and night. The room had her own bathroom, kitchenette and sofa bed which also gave comfort to family who would travel to spend time with Becky as she wasn’t able to leave the hospital.

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We travelled to NZ in July and once we landed we got a call from Becky’s Aunty Leanne saying that she wasn’t is a good way. We went to the hospital straight after we both finished work to see Becky, which we didn’t realise, was in her last couple of hours. She was surrounded by family and close friends in her last moments.

It brings a tear to my eye writing this….Becky passed away, at the young age of 12 years old on the 11th July, 2014. Her final goodbye was held in a beautiful little church in Nulkaba. Everyone wore bright coloured clothes and were given loom bands on arrival. It was such a beautiful ceremony for such a resilient little girl.

Every time we were with Becky, we never once heard her complain, she was in constant pain and fought it all the way to the end. She is an inspiration to the both of us. We feel so blessed to have been a brief part of Becky’s life and to meet her wonderful family that loved her so much.

Run Newcastle was for a fantastic cause, refurbishment of the John Hunter Hospital Adolescent Ward. Hopefully this will the help family’s that go through these sort of life altering circumstances everyday.

We did ‘Run Newcastle’ for Becky

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