What has inspired you to do Ocsober?

We both are massive advocates for willpower and resilience. We want to inspire others that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything. You don’t need alcohol to have fun and be happy!

What is your tip for getting through Ocsober?

Our tip for Ocsober is to be strong, we’re looking forward to feeling amazing as a result of no alcohol for 31 days. We have loads of social events throughout October so it is going to a great challenge.

When have you shown willpower?

Being contestants on My Kitchen Rules tested our willpower on a daily basis. It was by far the most challenging thing we’re ever done and as a result it’s made us stronger people. We’re also currently Pescatarians (vegetarians but eat seafood) this also tests our willpower on what food we decide to eat. We have also recently given up coffee which was a big challenge.


Why is it important to have willpower?

Having willpower for the month of Ocsober will help build your willpower muscle for other situations in your life. We believe it will be beneficial for everyone involved plus all profits go to a fantastic cause, Life Education. We feel we need to demonstrate to Australia if you put your mind to something, not matter what it is, anything is achievable.


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