Carly and Tresne i’mfit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Challenge

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Updates on our Carly and Tresne i’mfit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Challenge

So we’re now down to less than 3 weeks to go!

Carly has lost a total of 49cm off her overall body measurements.
Tresne has lost a total of 33cm off her overall body measurements.

The end seems like it’s coming up quickly. We’re both extremely happy with our progress, we’ve both lost loads of cm’s and a dress size each, yay! ‘It’s not a magic wand’, as Dave from Big Brother once said to Sandra. For us, most importantly, being active is a big player. That’s where the i’mfit activity tracker has been really helpful, it counts our steps throughout the day. We aim for 10,000 steps a day, from that we can get a gauge on how active we are each day..

1run newcastle

Another big player of our journey is being mindful of what we are eating and at what time of the day. Here’s a few tips that have helped us lose that stubborn weight.

  1. Although fruit is amazing for you, it is really high in sugar. If we have fruit, we make sure it’s our snack before lunch, not in the afternoon as your body won’t burn it all off by the time you go to bed.
  2. We’re eating loads of seafood, it’s extremely easy on the digestive system and full of amazing Omega-3’s. Omega-3 is beneficial for healthy brain function, heart disease, arthritis and a long list of other health benefits I could write about all day.
  3. Portion control, we aim to eat about 100g of protein and at least 200g of greens either for lunch and dinner. No carbohydrates after 7:30pm, that’s potato, rice, bread etc after 7:30pm.

These 3 changes have made us see a big results in the first 5 weeks and we are now noticing changes every day!

We both can’t wait for the 8 weeks to see what we have achieved in total. I hope this inspires others to also give this challenge a go. If we can do it, you can too!

heart rate monitor

The great thing about doing the 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is that we’re being more active. We took part in ‘Run Newcastle’ on the weekend, It involved a 6km run around Newcastle where the proceeds go to charity. $140,000 was raised for our local John Hunter Hospital for the refurbishment of the adolescent ward.

We tracked our calories and heart rate on Saturday at Lissome (Womens only Crossfit, Newcastle) with our i’mfit Heart Rate Monitor and here’s our results below. Tresne (left) Carly (right).


You can see above how many calories we have each burnt in the time since we started. What our average heart rate was and how long we were in each heart rate zone. We have the app running on our phone while we workout so we can see if we need to push harder to get our heart rate up. The higher your heart rate, the more calories you burn!

Stay tuned for our next set of results


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