Carly and Tresne i’MFIT Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

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It has begun…..

 Carly and Tresne 8 Week i’MFIT Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

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Carly’s i’MFIT Heart Rate Monitor (left) Tresne’s i’MFIT Heart Rate Monitor (right) during and after a 15km walk….both burning off an amazing 1500 calories!!!!
Carly heart rate 23 oct
Tresne heart rate 2
Tres heart rate

Get your own meal plan made for you from a dietician!

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How many steps do you take a day???????
Use your i’MFIT Activity Tracker to count your steps taken through the day.

 10,000 steps a day will make you healthier and thinner!

Close up

Stay tuned for updates as we tackle the Carly and Tresne’s i’MFit 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

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